ActivAngel Wireless Thermometer

ActivAngel is a thermometer that is applied to the body. It continuously measures the temperature and wirelessly sends the information to the user through a smartphone app.

Once the thermometer is attached to the body with adhesive, it becomes a part of the body: there is no need to hold it with your hands or press it against your side with your arms. It immediately records the temperature data and continuously transmits the information to the smartphone app. This eliminates the time it takes to measure temperature multiple times day or night, and gives the user the temperature trend information over time, for their records. If the temperature suddenly changes to an unwanted level, the app sends an immediate alert so action can be taken. This eliminates the fear that a potentially harmful sudden temperature change will not be noticed.

The rechargeable battery will alert the user if it runs low, removing the fear of a dead battery and eliminating the need to rush out to the store for the new one.

The pebble-like shape of the thermometer is small and thin, with soft edges so that it feels gentle while attached to the body. The durable material, white color, and the simple, smooth shape make it easy to keep the thermometer clean.

We have carefully chosen a medical-grade adhesive that attaches to body well, peels off easily, and does not irritate the skin. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use: the user simply peels off the paper backing material, places the thermometer in the middle and attaches it to the skin.

Charging is also intuitive and easy to use: simply plug the included microUSB cable into the ActivAngel and connect to a USB charger or laptop USB port. A small light indicates the charging status.

To increase the brand positioning, we designed one cohesive visual DNA to all the parts (thermometer, adhesive and accessories), so they look like they belong together.